Richard and Jacqueline got married and moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2004. Richard's grandparents helped plant a church in Norfolk, VA. that is still going strong today...some 80 years later. Although Richard felt the call to Pastor and plant churches nearly 16 years ago, that call became a reality in June of 2008 when their weekly meetings became the Bridge Virginia Beach and eventually Ezekiel 47 Church before becoming Ezekiel 47 Ministries in 2015.

Along with Jacqueline, Richard has served in ministry in several capacities including Church Planter, Pastor, Worship Pastor, Prophetic and Worship Teacher, and Home Group leader. 

Jacqueline Maples grew up in Long Island New York and had a dramatic encounter with the Lord in her home when she was 30. Two short years later she found herself consumed with a heart for the Lord and Israel and ended up being a missionary there for 1 1/2 years as well as traveling to Turkey and South Africa to do missions work.

Richard and Jacqueline have two boys of their own Simeon (10) and Judah (8). They desire to raise them up in the ways of the Spirit. They believe a big part of their call is to be a spiritual father and mother and raise up others with that same heart. "1 Corinthians 4: 15 - For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel". They desire to train, equip, and serve the saints to know who they are in Christ, reach their destiny and fulfill their call in Christ Jesus. Where cities have been known as a place of witchcraft and the New Age, they desire to see it become a place known as the dwelling place of God.


What we do:

• Dream Labs

With the increase of dreams and visions, having a Dream lab can help facilitate training and relationship for those in not just one church but an entire region. People will learn the scriptural principles about how the Lord speaks metaphorically through dreams and how the Holy Spirit can speak to bring understanding and interpretation to the dreamer.

• Prophetic Labs

This will being on going training / community where people can learn to hear the voice of the Lord, grow in their gifting and have accountability as they move out of the Four Walls of the church into the community to prophesy.

• Deliverance and Inner Healing

Practical, hands on ministry/ training from Jacqueline and Richard in individual or a group setting.  Over the last 8 years they have taught and trained others and ministered to others in these two areas. Their training has been through Healing Rooms , Sozo , A more excellent way. and Dr. Dale Sides.

• Churches/ Discipleship Training Centers

This will be an integral part of the church in this hour. We know from our experience over the last seven plus years of planting, pastoring, and raising up churches/ church leaders. This is where people can grow in the Lord and in relationship with one another. Iron sharpening iron.

• Nights of Worship and Intercession

One of our biggest calls is to worship and intercession. These two are married together and we have seen great breakthrough when the church or churches come together in unity. In unity He commands the blessing... We firmly believe that everyone is called to intercession in some form or fashion. This will break open the heavens as God's people gather from around cities and counties and we will see change in the atmosphere around us! 

• Streams Classes

• Jacqueline and Richard are instructors with Streams Ministries, founded by John Paul Jackson. They continue to teach the classes that John Paul Jackson authored, which include: The Art of Hearing God, Understanding Dreams and Visions, and The Advanced Workshop in Dream Interpretation. 

These classes unfold Mysteries to those taking them and focus on the importance of character over gifting.

• The Art of hearing God for Children

It is never too young for children to learn how God speaks to them. As the prophet Bob Jones once said , " kids don't have a junior Holy Spirit". Many children will Encounter the spirit of the Lord and will recognize his voice.